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main house

Garrett Field’s main house is nestled among rows of soaring oak trees and Spanish moss making it the perfect backdrop for those seeking a southern aesthetic. This vintage home has three bedrooms and six bathrooms, with a beautiful kitchen and breakfast area with views to the barn and backyard, you will be able to relax in the comfortable tv room and enjoy your own polo lessons and high goal games, equipped with a large functional kitchen and a tempting cocktail hour pool in the backyard or even an Argentine asado by the Cantina de Amigos.

grandma house

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the main house sits The Cottage, or what Billie still fondly calls the “Grandma’s house”. Is like traveling in time to an Argentine Puesto de Estancia, entrance porch that drives you into the leaving area and a full kitchen, master room, and one single bed room with all windows viewing the natural backyard lake. Delightful private breakfast area immersed in beautiful flowers, is just perfect for a morning coffee.

Painted by Gran as a box of Jello, Grandma’s refrigerator’s door hangs on the wall along with other Pop art over cool terracotta tile floors.

This cozy Cottage is where, Elsie, Billie’s grandmother (Ruth Garrett’s mother) from New York City lived for 20 years to be close to Ruth and Bill while they were raising their girls. Even now, swinging on the screen porch is a great place to retreat to have a snack while enjoying views of the Estancia from afar.

barn house

Our barn is home to nine champion polo horses born and bred in Argentina. Saddles, polo mallets and the sweet smell of hay will greet you upon entering the tack room on the ground level. Taking the stairs up to the loft barn, you’ll find a refitted apartment and an impressive dining room with stunning views of our estancia and a full cozy bedroom. The Loft invites you to a fantastic stay and a unique experience spending your days around where our polo horse live.